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Snow is Here

Here we are on the Oregon coast and it’s snowing.  It’s not supposed to do that here, but it is. Not much is sticking but enough so you can see it.

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We let out the dogs this morning and they went nuts; they are not used to snow and they love it. They were chasing each other around the yard like maniacs.  The Beagle (Logger) was chasing his buddie (Freddie Bear) one of our Labs and the Lab had to slow down so Logger could catch up.  They were barking their heads off having a great time and rolling in the snow.

dog-for-post-3I love to watch them when they are chasing each other around in the back, we have a couple of acres that you can see in the back.  I can watch them go crazy all around the backyard. The other dogs we have (two more Labs) all get involved and it’s really fun to watch.  Fortunately we live in an area that doesn’t get very cold and snows very seldom and we can get in the car and go for thirty minutes and get into the snow when we want to. dogs-for-post

img_0148My faux son Austin lives in Alaska and it gets down to twenty below some of the time and one of my other sons, Seth, is also up in Alaska where he fishes for a living so we get to hear all about mucho cold weather all of the time, that’s close enough for me.  I used to not mind the cold weather, but unless I am hunting or doing something that keeps me moving or jumping around I just don’t like it much.  Nowadays I get to wear my parka and long-johns to keep warm.


We just got back from the Archery Trade Association Show in Indiana and the weather was about 12 or 13 degrees as an average low temp, with highs up to the low 20’s.  Back in Myrtle Point, while the temps are so low, we moved the cat and dog beds into the house.  It’s a thrill during feeding time with the barking and meowing not to mention us trying to get some chow in our faces, but it’s fun.


img_7539It was fun at the ATA show, we got to show off our new products.  The carbon arrows Rose City Archery is selling really caught a few peoples eyes.  Of all of the new products we’ve introduced I like the footed shafts best, it’s really an opportunity to show off the talent we have working here. Our craftsman’s main objective is to put more weight forward in the arrow, this provides more energy in the shaft for more “killing power”.  It’s amazing to see how much more force is imparted in the arrow when you add that extra weight in the front part of the arrow.  Of course there are other ways to put some extra weight forward but they aren’t 15965606_1403434276356174_5022059601781014381_nnear as efficient as the footed arrow.  Plus they look great and fly super true so if you have some talent with the bow you can have more efficient and better arrow flight; actually footed shafts will make a better archer out of the person behind the bow.

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-3-55-02-pmWe also have the Lumenoks that we are able to attach to a wood arrow; what this does is the nock end of the arrow lights up when you shoot the arrow so that you can tract the flight of your arrow and see where your point of impact is with the shot you just made.  If you are hunting you are able to see where the point of impact is and where that arrow strikes the animal. You’re able to track the animal by this light, it is something that makes you more efficient in recovering an animal after you have made the shot.  I believe this is a wonderful innovation in the archery world helping with the recovery of an animal.  Especially if you are tracking that animal after dark, battery life is good for forty hours so you have a decent period of time after the shot to recover the animal.

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-2-20-01-pmRose City Archery is producing what we call “Carbon Footed aka Fusions” where we attach a carbon extension to the wood shaft, this allows the archer to be able to use any of the screw in attachments that are available to carbon arrow shooters.  This includes all of the different broadheads and other points that won’t fit on wood arrows.  Another new product we have re-introduced is RCA tapered shafts.   This allows the archer to use an 11/32 or 23/64 shaft and be able to use a 5/16 nock, which a lot of folks think they have better control of the arrow with the taper and the smaller nock.  New for 2017 is our extra long shafts, archers who have that 32” plus draw length found it difficult to find wood shafts long enough for their draw, we have provided the solution.  We have what you need and we want to make your archery experience better.  We have more new stuff coming soon so keep your eyes on this Blog and the newsletter for updates.

Thanks for listening and good shooting,

Jerry Dishion



Milk River Magic-A story of the “Sticker Buck”

July 28, 2005 Sticker Buck River Bank Velvet 010 (3) mod 4-6-08 (Large)

It wasn’t new to him.  Even though, up until three years ago, it had been about 16 years since he had stretched the string on his trusty longbow while aiming at an animal, it still wasn’t new to him.  Maybe it’s kinda like the proverbial “it’s like a riding a bicycle”… once it’s ingrained in you, it’s ingrained in you.  Traditional bowhunting was no different for him.  It was in his blood and always would be.  But, as it goes, life through him curve balls…lots of them.  It seems he had to drop his longbow to hit ’em, those nasty pitches of life added to the hectic working man’s list of growing priorities.  But none of that mattered now.  None of those thoughts even lingered as a shadow in any remote corner of his intensely focused mind.  Not now.  Not in this moment…this perfect, dreamy moment.  Right now, it was just him…him, and The Sticker Buck.  Awh…the Sticker Buck.  That wonderfully gorgeous, fully mature, brute of a whitetail.  His massive, nearly black antlers with those stickers…all those stickers….held up confidently and supported by an equally massive body of muscle, bone, and fat….resembling a far north Canandian whitetail in body size.  And he was coming…quickly.  Eliot didn’t need but a cosmic fast glance at his rack to know who he was. He was prepared.  Ready.  All of his senses full throttle, his memory banks from  many years of experience hunting whitetail with a longbow on the ground were being summoned.  But the Sticker Buck was not any different, really.  His senses were also peaked, his experience and life as King of the Woods paramount. The two Veterans of their respective species were at a moment in time that promised to affect their lives forever, no matter the outcome.  The scales were so evenly balanced…they were both on the ground, in the buck’s bedroom….his home of 6.5 years…the hunter choosing to use a hunting tool of limited capability and range; purely reliant on the skill, strength, and mental focus of it’s user.  The wind was both their common ally and enemy, entirely dependent on it’s fickle mood and loyal to no one.  Eliot had to make some quick decisions…and the Sticker Buck was not alone; he had come to this special spot in the woods with dozens of other deer….bucks and does alike….all  here because their November day was so rudely interrupted by me and my extended family.  The Sticker Buck was surrounded by all these other whitetail, all these security sentinels….and one must believe this was purposeful on the Sticker Buck’s part.  Eliot had to make the decision…as he was standing in front of a mess of a Cottonwood tree and obscurely disfigured by some skimpy, leafless Ash trees in front of him…a spot that took him more than half an hour to sneak into after leaving the  security and discreetness of the riverbank a stones-throw away.  Eliot is a big man, standing 6’4” and is not easily hidden…and the Sticker Buck was coming directly at him.  Bucks and does alike were filtering past Eliot on both sides…which side would the sticker buck decide to take?  The old buck paused a few times…the last time at 35 yards…seeming to let the younger bucks and hoard of does move past.  Maybe the wind had chosen a side today after all, as it stayed favorable to Eliot, only giving a few of the deer a whiff of his scent after they had already been well past his hideout.  They continued on, tails waving…but not sounding their alarms of blowing noses that would surely create a stir and severely lesson Eliot’s chances.  The wise buck watched those ahead of him…then began to move again…urgently…soon to pass by a large cottonwood and commit to Eliot’s left side…this was good as the big man wouldn’t have to pivot and shoot in a less unnatural position like he had planned as a contingency.  He was 20 yards…15…10…and soon fate found him walking through a shooting lane that Eliot had carefully pruned by hand some 45 minutes before.  Longbow up…arrow on with a tight split-finger hold…tension on the string.  The rest of the world was absent.  It was just Eliot, the Sticker Buck…and that hair. It was tucked behind the bucks shoulder with hundreds, maybe thousands of other hairs…but it was the hair; the aiming spot, the mark, the “X”…Eliot concentrated…that’s where his cedar arrow’s home was…

These two were no strangers to each other. In fact, they new each other well…although the Sticker Buck probably didn’t know that, or at least he didn’t know how long their crazy lives were entwined. In fact, it was just 3 short years ago that Eliot let the Sticker Buck walk…and in this same point of brush, ironically. At the time, I couldn’t understand why my father would pass on such a nice buck, especially at the wolf range of 7 steps!  Even then, the Sticker Buck displayed heavy main beams thick of bone, a genetic not so commonly seen, especially in a young deer.  He was a nice, massive main frame 4X4. In my eyes he was a shooter….Dad simply explained that he needed to grow up. I suppose my pride wouldn’t let me admit at the time that I didn’t even bother to look at his body to judge his age. Heck, at that time, I didn’t really care. But that was the stage of the bowhunter’s life that I was at during that time. And Eliot, my Dad…well, he was at the stage of the bowhunter’s life that let young bucks walk, even if they were a dang good buck. As I write this, I realize that I understand that now, all these years later, knowing I am perhaps at that stage and have been for several years now. I also feel that many things happen for a reason…I look back now and I know that moment was one of them.

The “Saga of the Sticker Buck” would fill an entire lengthy chapter in a book…but this is a blog and it’s already too darn long, so I guess you’ll have to wait until I write the book to hear it all (insert chuckle). But, in short, Eliot had a least two previous and separate encounters with ‘Ol Stickers (not counting the first encounter 3 years prior). Just last winter, Eliot found himself on the ground with the buck a few short steps from him…only offering Eliot an unethical shot. Shortly after that, with the last few hours of last season nearly a memory, Eliot passed on him out of a treestand because the buck was just a tad out of Eliot’s comfort range. I had an encounter with the buck that year as well…in September I had been hunting with Mossy Oak on the ground when the buck trotted by at 4 steps…I let down my draw and didn’t shoot because my camera man hadn’t started his camera soon enough (don’t insert chuckle). Looking back now, I’m glad I didn’t get a shot at that deer. My wife, Tara, had ‘Ol Stickers at 14 yards standing broadside and looking away from her treestand…but she didn’t shoot because I got buck f-f-f-f-fever and forgot my role in telling her when it was safe to shoot…it was her first bow hunt. You would have thought it was my first bow hunt. Bucks like the Sticker Buck have a tendency to do that to a person.  One hot July day I spotted an incredible mass of velvet-covered horns looming out of the tall grass on a riverbank…I recognized the buck as the Sticker Buck…I eased down to the river near the sleeping buck and snapped some photos…then I whistled at him to get his eyes open.  When he spooked I got some neat photos of him bounding away. July 28, 2005 Sticker Buck River Bank Velvet 019 (3) mod 4-6-08 (Large)Then there’s the sheds…I found the shed from the first year Dad passed on the buck and two other sheds from separate years leading to the “set” that was on the bucks head when Eliot encountered him this last time. The last shed, shown here, was hung up in some willow branches on the riverbank…within one-hundred yards from where I snapped the photos of him in velvet…he was a homebody.

May2005 041 (Large)

Collectively, we have probably spent days holding those sheds in awe and inspired by their mass and weight, dreaming of the season to come…

…the longbow’s limbs were already loaded…probably well past the 70+ lb draw as the big man stretched out…when the great buck entered the shooting lane.  The old warrior buck did what old warrior bucks do…it felt Eliot’s presence…maybe it saw him draw, maybe it just knew.  It stopped and looked at Eliot…but it was too late, the arrow was on it’s way.  In the short amount of time it took the arrow to cover the 4 yards of Montana air between Eliot and the hair, the Sticker Buck’s primal reflex spun him in place and turned him away from Eliot.  But it was too little and too late…the heavy cedar arrow and 150+ grain broadhead buried itself deep into the bucks vitals, stopping only when nearly through the opposite shoulder.  The strong buck took off as fast as he could run, and Eliot lost sight of him.  We all took up the blood trail together, finding most the arrow minus the broadhead, lots of blood, and a blood trail leading across a stubble field.  At times we had hunted this buck as a family, and we found him as a family.  We had just enough time to take some group photos that evening. It snowed heavily overnight, making a nice contrast for a few great pictures the next day.  In the background, you can see the river…and the exact log that the buck jumped over while I snapped the photo of him in velvet.  Also, that was the point of timber that Dad had first encountered the buck, passing on him, and ultimately tagging him three years later.  In all my years of guiding and bowhunting whitetail, the Sticker buck was hands-down the heaviest buck I ever helped hoist into a pickup.

Dadstickerbuck05 039 Modified iexp (Large)

Dadstickerbuck05 110 (Large)

The Sticker Buck’s neatest character is his mass, with right around 50″, plus or minus, following the entire length of his long main beams and thick points. Eliot’s emotions were contagious upon finding the Sticker Buck and he’ll tell you today that the best part about the sticker buck, the part that makes him so special, is the story of his history, the encounters, and the final hunt and recovery being shared with family, thus completing a chapter in Eliot’s life, simply called “The Sticker Buck”. I have to agree….but he’s a pretty darn nice buck too.  He is displayed with respect and pride in my Dad’s house where I grew up.  My children will know the story, and maybe one day I can  be a part of their special story.  I’m hoping for a typical…not unlike the Hansen Buck (insert big chuckle).

A great Trad Day..my Dad's buck -back together...the first arrow he released at an animal in 16 years. (Large)





Branded: Bear Arrow Shafts

Bear shafts

Ever Bear Arrow that leaves the factory is stamped with the classic “Bear” signature. These arrows are our throw back retro arrows to represent the “hayday” or prominence of traditional archery. These beauties stopped being mass produced with the advancement of technology in the archery world. We decided to bring them back to life for the traditional archery enthusiast who loves Bear’s longbow/recurve line up and wants a matching set of “Bear Arrows” to shoot. If you own a Bear bow you’ll be tickled to death with these new, or should we say “old”, retro Bear Arrows. There is three different types of bear arrows, X400, X 300, and the X200.