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Past Meets Future

Spring has arrived and summer soon to follow.  Been flinging arrows like a mad man since the snow melted off.  I can actually find the arrows I’ve lost, not that I ever miss much 🙂  We are all human, we miss the target every now again.  If your like many traditional archers and use wood arrows, you’ll find it easier to cut off an inch of a broken arrow to repair the damage; you know it’s tough to experience the same flight again of the repaired arrow.  However, that arrow will fly again for sure.  That’s part of traditional archery magic, wood arrows can generally be used again if the tip breaks off.  Trim, sand, taper, glue on the field point and your back in the game.  The arrow may fly differently, but you can still fling it.   With carbon arrows, once the shaft has been compromised it’s difficult to repair and can be dangerous if you shoot that shaft again. The same can be true for aluminum shafts.  Although its tough to beat the consistency of modern material arrow shafts, there’s just something special about wood grain arrows flying down range.

The heritage of traditional archer steers us to study the past but focus on the future.  Wood, carbon, aluminum, and other composite shafts is an archers preference.  Archery was born of natural materials, just take a look at the American Indians or Ice Age Scandinavian hunters.  The materials weren’t what provided food for the table, it was skill and workmanship that forged the tools of success.  The person behind the bow, the attention to the tools, and the practice made all the difference which still stands mostly true today.  Also being very, very, very hungry honed historical archers expertise.  With modern advancements in technology and materials, an archer today can be more proficient than ever.  Practice, practice, practice with attention to detail.   We don’t try and tell you what to shoot or how to shoot it, we just encourage individuals to get out and enjoy this wonderful sport we all love.   We are here to provide you with all your traditional archery needs, wether you shoot wood arrows or modern arrows.  We make all of our wood arrow styles with the option for carbon.  We at Rose City Archery are dedicated to the past but focused on the future, let us help you with your traditional archery journey.

Shoot Straighter,

Jerry Dishion