Rose City Webisodes

Rose City Archery Recurve Hunt at Allegheny Whitetails


Rose City Archery has partnered with Mission Alaska to bring traditional bow hunting to the world. Mission Alaska is a group of hardcore, DIY, and self guided hunters who share their experiences and the traditional hunting culture with the next generation. Mission Alaska pulls from Austin Manelick’s unique experiences during his life long pursuit of Alaskan hunting adventures and traditional archery; as well as other hardcore hunter’s experiences. Stay tuned for in the field  “how to’s”, traditional bow hunting tips, and amazing traditional bow hunts ranging from Whitetails to Grizzly bears.


This fall they are setting out in a custom Alaskan hunting/production bus to produce a 3-5 part documentary series attempting to harvest Alaska’s Big 5 game animals in the remote Brooks Range. Check out a preview for their upcoming adventure below.

Getting dialed in before hunting season is a great way to spend time together as a family.  Austin, Jordan Pickle, and Crixus take to the 3D course to spend a Sunday fun-day shooting the bows and arrows.

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