“200 Grizz” (New)

Bear 200

Bear 200 Grizz

The Bear “Grizz” arrows are here to honor Fred Bear and his hunting dangerous game with POC arrows all over the world. Fred killed more than a few Alaskan Grizzly Bears with POC arrow shafts and the Bear Razor Broad Head point. Along the way he owned an arrow company just down the road from RCA, INC. in Myrtle Point, Oregon and he designed specially coated and painted arrows for himself and his customers.

So Rose City along with Bear Archery have decided to bring back the exact design and colors of arrows Mr. Bear used in his hunts and travels.

We are proud to introduce the Models 200 Grizz and the 300 Grizz. These arrows have all of the same paint and cresting colors that were used by Mr. Bear in the 1950’s and early 60”s. Of course they are Premium Port Orford cedar shafting and barred turkey feathers. As you can see from the pictures the cresting is Extensive and the workmanship is incredible, looks like it was done with a machine, but my little Arrow Elves do it all by hand and they are perfect, multiple colors and gorgeous Metallic highlights. We are introducing a couple of new Crown Dip colors that were very popular “back in the day”, Green and Black One of the things that got every ones attention when we started this return to the past with Bear Archery was that we brought back the same boxes that were used at that time that had become collector items over the years and guess what? We did it again. Another collector item with every box of arrows, as with the last box we reintroduced you will have your choice of which Classic box you want with each dozen arrows of the “Grizz” arrows or “The Polar Express” arrows you buy.

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1 thought on ““200 Grizz” (New)

  1. Bob Pendrick

    there is an auction on Ebay for these series 200 arrows under $30 says from Rose city is this real I have posted questions but received no answers as to how many are included in auction it is for 5/16 crested blue comes in a Fred Bear commerative box from 59 and points can you tell me if this is for real and how many arrows are included in the deal? Thanks



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