Bear “Polar Express Arrows” (New)

Untitled design-2

What’s the Polar Express? That’s the arrow Mr. Bear used in his Polar Bear hunts in the 50’s and 60’s. This arrow is fully dipped special Cream color Port Orford cedar shaft to match the snow color on the North Slope with special cresting exactly as it was on Mr. Bear’s arrows. That along with barred feathers to match and you’re ready to go. You place the order, you pick the colors, the feathers and we’ll do the rest. The “Grizz” and the “Polar Express” will come with a dozen field points (@125grains) included in the price and will be packaged to insure your new box of arrows gets to you as they left here, undamaged. For a small additional charge we can cut to your specified draw length and install the points for you so that the minute you open the box, you can start shooting.

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