Roots in Tradition

Fellow Archers,

Port Orford Cedar has be the choice of many great archers over the history of mankind.  Look at guys like Art Young, Howard Hill, and Fred Bear.  All of these men will go down as some of the best to ever shoot an arrow, individuals who identified as bow hunters.   The stick and string wasn’t the only trait that made them popular, but their ability to tell the tale through a camera lens and share it with thousands of aspiring fans world wide.  Art Young was known for his primitive osage orange long bow and pronged broad heads, traveling on expeditions to places like Alaska proving the lethality of his equipment.  Howard Hill was known to impress damsels with the ability to trick shoot his bow, not to mention his handsomeness and staring roles in his own hollywood style bow hunting films.  Fred Bear revolutionized the modern movement of bowhunting and still finds ways to push the sport from the grave.  All phenomenal men who used Port Orford Cedar to find success.  Below is a few links that tell the tale of their success better than I can type.

Art Young

Howard Hill

Fred Bear

Men who stood behind their passion rooted in cedar shafts and wood bows. Traditionalists like to follow their own path, forging success on their own backs.  Many of our customers buy raw shafts and create their own works of art, and we love them for it.  Rose City Archery is offering a 15% discount on raw Port Orford Cedar shafts for the month of April. This is not an April fools joke.  We are honoring our roots as traditional archers and giving an incentive for the Do-It-Yourselfer’s by offering a sale on our Premium Cedar shafts.  Type in code:cedar15 in the checkout.
New for this month is our packaged bow and arrow kits.  We’ve taken some of the guess-work out of the purchasing process and teamed up with Neat Archery to help interested people get in the field quicker.  Check out the collections below for more information.   We at Rose City Archery are dedicated to the past, while focused on the future.  We want to thank everyone for the support, and wish continued success in the field and on target.


Jerry Dishion

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